ZDA Software

Affordable Software

Who We Are

ZDA Software is a software shop based in Dallas, Texas. We are here to help and guide small businesses with their software needs. ZDA Software likes working with the web, mobile apps, Windows applications and Microsoft Office automation, as well as scripting and business process automation.

What We Do

Websites and Web Apps

  • Website Creation and Management
  • Analytics Dashboards

Desktop/Mobile Applications

  • Cross-Platform Desktop Applications
  • Android/iOS Mobile Applications

Microsoft Office Automation

  • Microsoft Excel programming and automation
  • Microsoft Word scripting

Our Portfolio

An affordable, responsive, and modern website. Built for a small bio-pharmaceutical consulting company.

Tips and tip-sharing smart phone application. Tracks an individuals tips and provides feedback and analytics on income.

Desktop application which parses 1 million+ line files, performs calculations on data, and then formats and prints to large excel Workbook. All done in a few minutes inside a easy to use GUI.

Real Time Analytics